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Check Cards

  • Your new Check Card is a MasterCard
    • Call the number on the sticker to activate
    • Select a PIN number (you may select your current PIN)

ATM Cards

  • New MasterCard ATM card with EMV Chip mailed out
    • Follow check card activation instructions above
    • May be activated to also function as a check card
    • Contact Kirkpatrick Bank Customer Service to activate this new function customerservice@kirkpatrickbank.com or 1-866-262-2657


  • All 8/31 month end statements are available in internet banking.
  • The 8/14 conversion statements are available in internet banking.
  • Historical statements will be available in internet banking by September 30,2015. In the meantime you can see your past transactions in internet banking by:
    1. Simply sign into internet banking
    2. Select the account number in “My Accounts”
    3. Place your cursor over the Transaction tab at the top, select “All Transactions” in that drop down menu.
    4. You will then be able to see past transactions
  • If you need a previous statement before September 30th, please contact customer service at 405-341-8222 or 1-866-262-2657

Business Banking Enrollment

Thank you for your interest in Business Internet Banking through Kirkpatrick Bank.

Please allow us to assist you with enrolling for Business Internet Banking by contacting us at 405.341.8222 or customerservice@kirkpatrickbank.com

ATM Access

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